Simpsons Movie

Bart Simpson Nirvana

I can’t fraking wait for the new Simpsons Movie to come out. Not only is the movie’s website kewl as hell but they have a “Simpsons Avatar” creator. Here are a couple of write ups about this: here and here. Create yourself a kewl avatar and check out the Simpsons Movie on July 27, 2007!

Firefox 3 Alpha 6

Firefox 3

This week Mozilla announced, what is expected to be, the final Alpha release of Firefox 3 Web Browser, Alpha 6. The open source community is expecting a Beta release by the end of July, beginning of August. Wired is expecting the Beta by July 31st but most think that it will be pushed back a little. Here is a brief overview of what’s going on in Alpha 6.

RIP Captain America

“Earlier this year Captain America was slain as the climax to Marvel Comics’ Civil War event. The renowned hero will be buried in the next issue of Marvel Comics’ ‘Fallen Son,’ due on July 5.” – Source

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FSF GPLv3Today marks the beginning of a new era in open source. With the release of GPLv3, there is now an up-to-date version of the FSF’s GPL that will cover new open source work. The following are links to the announcement and articles about this event.

FSF.Org – GPLv3 – Announcement – GPLv3 submitted to Open Source Initiative for approval

New Soapbox Format

I finally setup WordPress on my website so I can blog in style…