Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem

I don’t even know where to begin when describing this book. It is captivating, infinitely complex, and interesting. When I was reading it, it was completely absorbing; and when I finished, everything I thought I understood changed.

Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem is a fantastic piece of pure fiction. From “Chase Insteadman, former child television star, has a new role in life—permanent guest on the Upper East Side dinner party circuit, where he is consigned to talk about his astronaut fiancée, Janice Trumbull, who is trapped on a circling Space Station. A chance encounter collides Chase with Perkus Tooth, a wily pop culture guru with a vicious conspiratorial streak and the best marijuana in town. Despite their disparate backgrounds and trajectories Chase and Perkus discover they have a lot in common, including a cast of friends from all walks of life in Manhattan.  Together and separately they attempt to define the indefinable, and enter into a quest for the most elusive of things: truth and authenticity in a city where everything has a price.

Tim Ferro