Star Trek

OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

“Microsoft Tuesday revealed Windows 7 at its annual Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles. Windows 7 is designed to replace Windows Vista as the main operating system for Windows-based PC users.

With Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard also under development, we met up with Ian Moulster, Windows Live Commercial Lead for Microsoft to talk through some of Microsoft’s key ideas and discover what the next-generation of operating systems aim to offer both Mac and PC users.” – Source

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Here is the official launch trailer!

Twitter, Californication and My Epiphany

I have been thinking about getting on Twitter for a little while now, but I didn’t really get it until the other day. I was watching Californication on Showtime On Demand and I thought “This is a freaking great show.” Then I thought about blogging about the show but I didn’t feel like putting out a blog post that would essentially equal “This show is great. filler filler flattery.” Then it suddenly hit me; this is where Twitter fits into my life. Minutes later I had an account and a couple tweets about the show. Done. Follow me on Twitter:

Tim Ferro

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

“The truth is finally out there about the new “X-Files” movie title.

The second big-screen spinoff of the paranormal TV adventure will be called “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” said Chris Carter, the series’ creator and the movie’s director and co-writer.” – Source

DreamWorks to make ‘Ghost in the Shell’ in 3-D

“DreamWorks has acquired rights to the Japanese manga “Ghost in the Shell” with plans to adapt the futuristic police thriller as a 3-D live-action feature.” – Source

New Futurama Movie in June!

“As Bender’s Big Score gets set to air in four installments on Comedy Central later this month, Fox Home Entertainment ahs announced that the next adventure in the series of Futurama DVD movies will be available at retail this summer. The Fate of human and robot-kind is at stake when Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs debuts at retail on June 24.

In what Fox is calling the most tentacle-packed Futurama epic, space itself rips open, revealing a gateway to another universe. What lies beyond is a mix of horror and love as the Planet Express crew encounters a repulsive, planet-sized monster with romantic intentions.” – Source

Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Alpha Released

“The first alpha release of Fedora 9 (codenamed Sulphur) was announced this morning on the Fedora mailing list. This alpha, which provides a first look at the features of Fedora’s next release, includes GNOME 2.21, KDE 4.0, Firefox 3 beta 2, version 2.6.24 of the Linux kernel, and many other improvements.” – Source