Firefox 3 Beta Delayed

Firefox 3

“Firefox 3.0’s first beta has been delayed at least six weeks, Mozilla Corp. engineers said Sunday, and it now won’t appear until the middle of September.

In a posting to the group Sunday, Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla’s vice president of engineering, suggested a revamped milestone schedule for Firefox 3.0, the next major update to the popular open-source browser. Among the changes: a postponement of the first beta, slated as recently as last week to debut July 31. It’s not expected until Sept. 18 at the earliest…” – Source

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Firefox 3 Alpha 6

Firefox 3

This week Mozilla announced, what is expected to be, the final Alpha release of Firefox 3 Web Browser, Alpha 6. The open source community is expecting a Beta release by the end of July, beginning of August. Wired is expecting the Beta by July 31st but most think that it will be pushed back a little. Here is a brief overview of what’s going on in Alpha 6.


FSF GPLv3Today marks the beginning of a new era in open source. With the release of GPLv3, there is now an up-to-date version of the FSF’s GPL that will cover new open source work. The following are links to the announcement and articles about this event.

FSF.Org – GPLv3 – Announcement – GPLv3 submitted to Open Source Initiative for approval