SharePoint Podcast: MOSS Gone Wild Review

As part of my August “Little Things” post, I listened to all 5 podcasts from MOSS Gone Wild. They were incredibly insightful and immediately helpful. Through the 5 podcasts, I learned a good number of helpful and important tidbits of information. Whether you administer or develop for SharePoint, these podcasts are for you. Even though they are slightly out of date (the last podcast was released about a year ago), they lay a great foundation for MOSS 2007. You can download the podcasts from either their website or through iTunes. If anyone knows why they stopped making these podcasts or if they are making another one, please let me know. If anyone has any other podcasts that they recommend, please leave a comment with a link.

Tim Ferro

What’s on my iPod now…

It’s a Kanye West kinda day…

What’s on my iPod now…

I needed to write some code so I put on the high energy tunes of Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Now I am listening to the new album by Foxboro Hottubs which is a side project of Green Day.

What’s on my iPod now…

An eclectic collection of new Weezer and Mariah Carey, combined with the classic Lauryn Hill and White Zombie!

What’s on my iPod now…

4 albums from Arctic Monkeys! They are pretty sweet. If you are an Arctic Monkeys fan you are going to want to pick these up. They are pretty cheap on iTunes.

John Ireland Rocks

Tonight, at “The Pit”, Everyone Gets Laid! Well that’s not true but I always wanted to say that. More importantly, one of the best local musicians is playing tonight at Bankok Blues. 9:00 – 9:30pm. John Ireland is a fantastic musician, and his last album Lonely Man is a great CD. More recently he was with a band called The Device; since their dissolution he is back playing solo again. Their CD should be out sometime in the next few months but until then you can get a copy of John’s last 3 solo CDs here:

Welcome to the New Millennium, Bloke!


Lonely Man

Apple Dropping DRM-Free Tunes To 99 Cents

” This really can’t be a case of “we told you so”, but when Amazon is selling music for 89 cents a track and DRM-free tracks seem suddenly to be fashionable as they were before the heady early days of Napster, it only makes sense. Apple is dropping the price of its DRM-free iTunes Plus music downloads to 99 cents apiece. Until now, the Plus tracks cost $1.29.” – Source

What’s on my iPod now…

The new Foo Fighters, Incubus, and Kayne West albums are amazingly good. Easily the best albums I have purchased in a long time. They are all worth the price and more. I bought the Kayne album from the new Amazon MP3 download store. It was pretty simple, light weight client program, $8.99 for the album, and DRM FREE! I will definitely be shopping there first before i check iTunes. MP3s are DRM Free is now selling DRM Free MP3s on their site for 89-99 cents a piece. This should be a nice counter balance to iTunes.

iPod Touch

“You know, when we introduced the iPhone in January, we said it was the best iPod ever. And iPhone owners agree with us. It’s incredible, with its multitouch UI, its incredible album artwork and video, it is the best iPod ever,” said Jobs. “And people have been wondering, when are we going to bring this tech to the iPod? The answer is, we’re going to do it today, and this is what the product looks like.” – Source