Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Here is the official launch trailer!

Wii-Specific Lightsaber Dueling in Force Unleashed

“Joystiq had a chance to test the Wii-specific light-saber fighting in The Force Unleashed, and they walked away impressed, claiming it could almost be shipped as its own game. I probably wouldn’t go that far: the mode will require two players to play, as there is no AI to duel against. Still, the system sounds pretty slick, and the Wii version of the game suddenly became much more attractive. ” – Source

A Review of Assassin’s Creed

“The Creed is a simple one, but it absolutely must be obeyed. Three simple tenets: stay one’s blade from the flesh of the innocent; draw not attention to oneself whenever possible; and never compromise the brotherhood. These are the rules laid out to the members, the brothers, of the Assassin’s guild. A simple set of laws governing the mysterious group striving for “total peace.” But is it just that simple?” – Source

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

New trailer and updated website

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

Just released a new video at E3 this week. Both the trailer and newest video are fraking awesome! Watch the video and then go to the THPG website for other kewl stuff.