Firefox Campus Edition Officially Released

“Mozilla released Firefox Campus Edition on Friday. Campus edition is Firefox bundled with three add-ons that—according to Mozilla—are geared towards students: audio playback controller FoxyTunes, the Zotero research tool, and social site recommendation system StumbleUpon.” –Source

Mozilla Overhauls Web Store

“The Mozilla Store, which sells Firefox t-shirt and merchandise, has undergone a major overhaul, and now has some nifty new stuff.” – Source

Kevin Smith Pwns Dude at Comic Con

This is absolutely hilarious, you gotta watch this. – Source

Futurama Returns


Futurama is back, and now we know in what form. The show will return on November 27th as a full-length high-def film sold on DVD. It will be followed by three additional films, and each film will be divided into four episodes each to be aired on Comedy Central. So, that’s 4 DVD movies or 16 new episodes depending on how you look at it.” – Source

Simpson’s Movie Today!

Simpson's Movie

X-Files Movie Announced

The Truth Is Out There

According to David Duchovny (Mulder) himself, there is a script out and both Chris Carter (director) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) are on board. This is huge news for X-Files fanboys like myself. Shooting is set to begin in November and the movie is scheduled for a summer 2008 release. – Source , Second Source

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

Just released a new video at E3 this week. Both the trailer and newest video are fraking awesome! Watch the video and then go to the THPG website for other kewl stuff.

Simpsons Movie

Bart Simpson Nirvana

I can’t fraking wait for the new Simpsons Movie to come out. Not only is the movie’s website kewl as hell but they have a “Simpsons Avatar” creator. Here are a couple of write ups about this: here and here. Create yourself a kewl avatar and check out the Simpsons Movie on July 27, 2007!

RIP Captain America

“Earlier this year Captain America was slain as the climax to Marvel Comics’ Civil War event. The renowned hero will be buried in the next issue of Marvel Comics’ ‘Fallen Son,’ due on July 5.” – Source

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