Visual Studio 2015 Connected Services

Visual Studio 2015 RC Connected Services: Focus on Office 365 APIs and Walkthrough

“The new Add Connected Service dialog in Visual Studio 2015 enables you to easily connect your application to Azure Application InsightsAzure StorageAzure Mobile ServicesOffice 365, and Salesforce.

The Add Connected Service dialog contains all of the Connected Service providers currently installed and provides a way to get more information about the provider, the technologies it uses, and whether it’s supported in the current project. Other providers can be discovered in the Extensions and Updates gallery by using the Find more services… link.” –

I’ve got a walkthrough below of how to get up and running with Visual Studio 2015 Connected Services for Office 365 but this video does a much better job.

Seriously the above video from Jeremy Thake is fantastic but if you’re already this far and want to see the pics keep going…

Visual Studio 2015 RC Web Application

Visual Studio 2015 Add Service Reference

Add Connected Service Office 365 API

Register Your Web App With Office 365

Enter Your Office 365 Account

Choose Your Service

Choose Your Permissions

Integrate Office 365 APIs Into .NET Visual Studio Projects

Office 365 Service References Added and Output

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