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SharePoint Fest DC

Visual Studio 2013 for ALM and SharePoint
Thursday 4/9, 9:55am – Breakout 8 (slides)

Visual Studio 2013/2015 is a monumental leap forward for Microsoft development. There are so many useful enhancements and features that each could be their own session. This session will give an overview of the new features then focus on those related to Application Lifecycle Management, Mobile, Team Foundation Server 2013, .NET Framework, and SharePoint. From project planning, to deployment automation, to inline enhancements from CodeLens, this session will show developers, team lead, and project managers why Visual Studio 2013/2015 is worth upgrading to immediately!

Rarely do you find a session that attracts both developers and Project Managers, but this is it! Developers come and see all the new enhancements for Visual Studio 2013 and bring your Project Managers to show them how it will increase productivity. Project Managers come see the enhancements for project management and application lifecycle management and bring your developers to show them how to update burn down charts!

The Evolution of SharePoint Event Receivers from On-Prem to the Cloud
Friday 4/10, 11:20am – Breakout 8 (slides)

Event Receivers are a fundamental part of every version of SharePoint. They have evolved from server side only, to now include App and Remote events in the cloud. Knowing how to use them and what features are available for which version of SharePoint is crucial for all SharePoint developers.

Drawing on my extensive experience over the past seven years, this session will give every developer a solid foundation for using Event Receivers in SharePoint (both on-prem and in the cloud) built on best practices and real world usage. This session will provide an overview of Event Receivers in SharePoint with specific focus on List Item Event Receivers. You will learn from real world examples, tips, tricks, and hear about how event receivers have been utilized at different clients. I discuss the pros and cons of using Event Receivers as well as compare them to SharePoint Workflows. I will key on the differences between the versions of SharePoint related to Event Receiver functionality and discuss new Event Receivers in SharePoint 2013, including some that work in the cloud. Finally I will show a demo of how to quickly get up and running using Visual Studio and some common use examples.

Tim Ferro

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