Missing Web Parts & Disabling Scripting in SharePoint Online (Office 365)

BLUF: An update to SharePoint Online (Office 365) was rolled out that disabled all scripting capabilities by default. As a part of this, a number of settings, web parts, and other features (see below) were removed from use in SharePoint Online.

Update Sept 16, 2015: Microsoft has updated the Support Article and now more features are no longer available since this blog was posted.

Office 365 Forum Post: [SOLVED] Content Editor Webpart Removed from SharePoint Online

Office 365 Support Article: Turn scripting capabilities on and off

Around the beginning of December 2014 I set up 2 identical demos using my developer O365 tenant and my company’s O365 tenant. Then a week later I log back in and the corporate one works fine but my personal developer site is missing the option to add a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) to any page. Furthermore the existing page I created with a CEWP on it already, no longer works (meaning the JavaScript isn’t working). I then verified the web part was in the gallery but I could not add it back anywhere. The image above shows the options for web parts in both tenants. I immediately posted to the Office 365 Forums: [SOLVED] Content Editor Webpart Removed from SharePoint Online. After some back and forth it was determined that scripting had been disabled in my O365 tenant and that I needed to re-enable it if I wanted those web parts back.

Important thing to note #1: This was rolled out and DISABLED BY DEFAULT without any notification.

The default scripting capabilities are:

  • For personal sites, custom scripting is disabled by default.
  • For self-service created sites, custom scripting is disabled by default.

This explained not only why my JavaScript wasn’t working but also where my missing web parts went!

Important thing to note #2: There are a bunch of web parts that get removed when you disable scripting, not just the 2 shown above.

Important thing to note #3: There are a bunch of settings and features that get disabled as well.

Update 1: According to the awesome Paul Tavares and Sebastien Levert, uploading custom ASPX files are disabled as well!

Update 2: These four features are also no longer available. The support article was update since this blog was originally posted.

Full article and list here: Turn scripting capabilities on and off (in Office 365).

Please comment with any other SharePoint Online roll outs that have affected you.

Tim Ferro

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