If I’m So Smart Where Did All My Money Go Review

If I'm So Smart Where Did All My Money Go by Doug WarshauerI think a lot of people will like reading this book because it is told as a story and not like a traditional finance book. It had a good and logical flow to the information with real world application. It also provided the reader with ways to figure out the math easily for each individual. I recommend that everyone read this book, but I don’t recommend all of the advice the author gives so take it for what it’s worth.

Doug Warshauer gives plenty of solid financial advice like paying off debt and saving for cars but some of his advice is really out there. His math seems solid but I simply cannot get on board with not saving for retirement until I am in my 50s. Also I don’t agree in using all my savings to pay off all debts right away. In these troubled economic times, one cannot afford to have no savings in case of job loss.

The information is worth reading and the worksheets and statistics are great to do and understand. I recommend reading this book but take it with a grain of salt.

Tim Ferro

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