All Investors Must Read The Shadow Market

With the now astounding amount of wealth possessed by sovereign wealth funds, as well as the amount of debt issued and owned by countries worldwide, it was only a matter of time before those nations became world economic powers. The deals they make and investments they hold are not regulated by any agency yet they move markets all over the world. While the United States uses its capital to encourage business and further democracy, many foreign countries use their immense resources and funds to further their country’s power and political agenda as a whole. This radical and fundamental difference between nations has lead to the ever increasing threat of economic warfare as a means to level the international playing field.

If you are an active investor or just a hobbyist, this book is a must read. Eric Weiner’s The Shadow Market explains how the current state of global economics and finance. To get a firm handle on today’s investing environment, first read Jim Cramer’s Getting Back To Even, then this book.

Tim Ferro

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