SharePoint 2010 Consultant’s Handbook Review

I received a copy of Chris McNulty’s SharePoint 2010 Consultant’s Handbook: A Practical Field Guide to Managed Metadata Services at SPTechCon 2011 Boston. Chris was sitting at his booth giving out autographed copies. I walked right up and asked for one. He signed it and we chatted for a few about where I was from and how he had friends or family there. I was grateful for the book but at the time I was focused heavily on the custom development side of SharePoint 2010 and didn’t fully understand just how useful Managed Metadata was. Fast forward 9 months later and now I am focused on SharePoint farm architecture and information architecture. I recalled that I had received this book and since I needed a better understanding of Managed Metadata Services (and since I just went to Chris’s Managed Metadata session at SPTechCon 2012 San Francisco), I figured it was a sign that I should read the book.

The book turned out to be exactly what I needed and a great read. It was short, informative, and had real world examples. From overview, to set up, to real world scenarios, this is the perfect book for getting into Managed Metadata Services in SharePoint 2010. The title tells you all you need to know about what this book is about. During his session at SPTechCon San Francisco, he debuted his new book SharePoint 2010 Consultant’s Handbook: A Practical Field Guide. Based on his first book, I am going to have to buy, read, and review this one too.

Tim Ferro

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