Catch as Catch Can Review

If you love Catch-22, Closing Time, and the writing style of Joseph Heller like I do, then you must complete your fanboy knowledge of Joseph Heller and the world of Yossarian by reading this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for the following reasons:

  1. There are deleted scenes from Catch-22/Closing Time that add even more depth to the book and characters.
  2. The background of how this phenomenon came to be and what happened after is really interesting.
  3. The non-Catch-22 related short stories are great and are in the same Heller-esk writing style.

As you can see by my reasons for recommending this book, there are really 3 main types of chapters in this book. There are a number of unpublished or previously published short stories by Heller that are entertaining and well written in their own right. Second there are chapters that add to the worlds of Catch-22 and Closing Time. Finally there are chapters that give back-story of Joseph Heller, his life, and how that found its way in to his writings and what happened because of the overwhelming success of Catch-22.

I picked this book up from the library, read it, and returned it quickly without writing a full review. This is not as in-depth as I would like but it needed to be written. Check this book out of your local library ASAP!

Tim Ferro

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