Developer Tips From the MCTS 70-573 Exam

The MCTS: SharePoint 2010 Application Developer exam (70-573) covers a wide range of skills. The following tips are sure to help with your studying and in your development environment. Please leave comments with your favorite tips and tricks.

“Monitors performance and resource use for a specified scoped block of code.” – MSDN

This feature is incredibly useful and outputs right to the developer dashboard!
Tobias Zimmergren’s blog post is a great simple explanation. – HERE

SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(strHtml, bSticky)
“Adds a notification to the page. By default, notifications appear for five seconds.” – MSDN

This is the way to add a SharePoint notification to the page. In 2010 it shows in the upper right corner for 5 seconds and then disappears. This is the default action however you can have the message stay until you remove it by changing the bSticky parameter to true. The Method returns the ID of the notification, which you will need to remove it later.

“Recycles the version collection except for the current version. The RecycleAll method moves the version collection into the recycle bin of the Web site. To delete the version collection permanently, use the DeleteAll method.” – MSDN

Anita Boerboom has a great blog showing you how to use this. – HERE

Tim Ferro

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  • Lilia Erfani (Safronova) says:

    Did you take this test? We have a couple of developers who are planning to take it in the next month but don’t know if they’re ready and don’t want to fail. It’d be helpful for them to talk to someone who passed already.

  • Vince Pangan says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for posting this. Can you tell me what the format of the exam is? (Multiple choice? Do you actually have to write functions?) Thanks!

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