Closing Time, the Long Awaited Review

If Catch-22 is your all time favorite book like me, then you must stop everything and read Closing Time immediately. This is one of the best sequels ever written and it took me by surprise right from the start.

We last saw Yossarian running out the door during the war, but this book waits decades to catch back up with our favorite character. Now in his 70s, Yossarian has lived an interesting life but still maintains his penchant for hospital nurses. His world these days is vastly different from the first book but it is filled with numerous characters, old and new. Milo and the Chaplain have had interesting lives as well as have ancillary characters from the first book, and the book is an eclectic mix of all their stories.

Towards the end, the book becomes harder to follow and characters begin passing away but once you finish it and reflect, you are left with a wonderful book and story. I could not recommend this book higher if you have already read Catch-22.

Tim Ferro

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