Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even is a Must Read!

As a prerequisite to reading this book, first read Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad for Life. Once you have gotten a solid hold on your finances and retirement, then you are ready for this book.

Yes the market tanked. Yes we got screwed by others’ mistakes. Yes the market is less reliable than it ever has been. No, you should not take your money elsewhere. Now is the time to be in the market, and this is the book that will tell and show you how. Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even is the must read financial book of 2010 for every investor.

Jim lays out his financial advice in easy to follow steps and tells the real deal about the market. I have incorporated his advice into my own portfolio and have already seen gains. My advice is to read the whole book and latch on to certain investing strategies that can help short and long term. For the advanced investor, the chapter on options is a MUST READ. Once explained, it is both simple and genius. Long term, Jim’s advice on high dividend stocks and China are crucial to your strategy.

This book will help you make more money than any other book you read this year so move it to the top of your reading list!

Tim Ferro

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