Gen Y-ify Your Company: Work Areas

Most companies don’t realize that the 25 square feet of office space that you occupy daily is extremely important. You spend 1/3rd of your weekdays in this space yet most companies don’t even give simple consideration to how employees feel about it. Though open cube farms are probably the most egregious use of space, there are numerous other issues that should be evaluated AND re-evaluated.

First and foremost is privacy. I have seen places where a cube farm would be a step up. Imagine a long table with multiple computers and monitors all in a row. That’s ridiculous! There is less than zero privacy in a place like that. Offices that have five desks that should only have two is another wonderful example. These are clearly extreme examples of having no privacy but they actually exist as well as many many lesser ones.

Following on with privacy would be peoples’ personal habits. Please be aware of how your personal habits affect others in the work place. Talking loudly or often in some areas, all kinds of body issues, any smells or old food items, etc. are just some of the personal habits that can be super annoying to others.

There was a time when “ergonomics” was a big issue in the IT world. It seems to have gone to the back burner, just like Six Sigma. However, ergonomics should be a main focus when setting up office spaces because it can prevent a number of long term work injuries such as carpal tunnel and back pain. Along with that, acquiring new technology such as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and adjustable office chairs shouldn’t be an issue, yet those are rarely purchased without justification.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for Work Area issues. Please comment more and I will update!

Tim Ferro

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