Gen Y-ify Your Company: Management

After reading this article (What’s Wrong With The Boss) the other day, I knew I had to expound upon the topic. The article has a number of great points that bear repeating.

“In times like these, employees want to know more about their status and it promotes the ‘Where do I stand and how does this affect me?’ [type of] questions,” Thompson said. “Slow markets force managers and leaders to have more of these tough conversations. Unfortunately, they may not be equipped [and will likely] take the path of least resistance – and that really causes a lot of turmoil and dishonesty.”Source

“The good managers are saying, ‘If we’re going to be in a recovery sometime soon, I need to make sure my A-players know they’re my A-players, and that I’m providing them with career development opportunities to make sure they’re ready for the recovery,” he said.Source

“Investment can be time, attention and development; it can be making someone a mentor; it can mean including somebody on a task force; it can be taking somebody to lunch,” he said.  – Source

Managers already have their hands full leading their teams through uncertain and turbulent times. Even worse, more than a quarter of employees would like to see them get fired.   – Source

Honestly, 25% seems like a low number to me, but I digress. I don’t want this blog post to come off as just another “Gen Y is spoiled and wants this” or “Gen Y demands the system to change”. It’s not just Gen Y, it’s ALL EMPLOYEES!

Let me repeat that. It’s not just Gen Y that wants a change for the better in the workplace, it’s ALL EMPLOYEES! All employees want to be treated better. All employees would like a better work environment. All employees want better management. In at least half* of the articles on the internet where someone gets on a soapbox about Gen Y feeling entitled and wanting more, ask yourselves “Wouldn’t every employee benefit from this?”. Why does Gen Y get a stigma about entitlement when all we’re asking for is something that everyone wants but most are too scared to speak up about?

Tim Ferro

* a statistic I made up for the purposes of this post

  • Kelley says:


    Gen Y seems to carry a “bad reputation” for trying to create positive change in multiple arenas: workplace, healthcare, education, relationships. Our predecessors’ label us “entitled” “spoiled” “whinny” when they raised us to believe in their life lessons and values. We are who we are today because of them. Now that we are out in the world trying to create positive change for EVERYONE, they resent what they created- they should be proud that we followed through with their “lessons” and anxiously anticipate the positive change that can result from their hard work!

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