Gen Y, I’ll Be Your Mentor

As an older member of Gen Y, I know that I have a wealth of knowledge to impart to my younger generational brethren. I help out as a “coach” to potential new hires at my company where I talk to them about the firm or give interview advice. On a larger scale for the past 4 years I have been guest lecturing at Penn State University where I always try to give real world honest advice. I talk about being a professional, dealing with office politics, minding one’s personal appearance and online brand, and most relevant to seniors… how to get a job in today’s market. The last few lectures I was able to give a plug to Brazen Careerist, both the book and website. I listed the book on my Top 5 list to read and the website in my Top 5 to join to aid in their job search. Beyond my excellent experience with Brazen, I have a ton of experience and I am more than happy to share that with anyone who wants to listen and chat. I would love to, one day, be paid to lecture at colleges but for now I am available pro bono. I have an idea for a business called “Cup of Coffee Consulting” where my advice and time are free for the duration of one cup of coffee. How does this sound as a starting point? What advice do you have for me? Who wants to be my first client?

Tim Ferro

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