Announcing The Philly Azure Meetup Group

azure-icon-250x250I am happy to announce the creation of the Philly Azure Meetup Group!

This is a group for anyone who works with, uses, or wants to learn more about Microsoft Azure. From Architects to developers to IT Pros to users and consumers, we will support anyone. There will be meetings every month or two. Topics will range from beginner to expert. We will meet in person at the Microsoft Philly MTC and stream worldwide on Mixer.

Our first meeting is scheduled for 12/5 at 6:30pm at the Microsoft MTC in Malvern. Please join the Meetup group and RSVP there.

Session 1: Rufus Harvey – Introduction to Azure Cloud Development for Developers and Architects

“We will address how to get started deploying your enterprise applications to the cloud today. By taking an existing ASP.NET MVC application and deploying it to the cloud, we will learn what is required to go beyond “Hello World”. Along the way we will discover some of the pitfalls and lessons learned so that our application is positioned to grow as the demand grows. Walking away, you should feel ready to jump in and start planning your resource deployment needs.”

Session 2: Tim Ferro – Azure Service Bus and Azure Relay (if time permits)

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